Carlsen (25) and Karjakin (26) Visit New York to Battle for Chess Immortality

  For the first time 2 Grandmasters, who have never known a world without computers, will duel on Chess’s most coveted stage, The World Chess Championship. On November 11th, 2016, in New York’s South Street Seaport, World Champion Magnus Carlsen will make his first move against Sergey Karjakin and begin the youngest World Championship match […]

Wesley So Analyzes an Unpublished So Game

Wesley pulls out his private journal to show us an unpublished game of his. Very instructive!   Video Here

Super GM Wesley So shows Tyler his favorite Tal Game

Tyler sits down with 2016 Sinqufeld Cup winnner, and 2016 Chess Olympiad Gold Medalist, Wesley So, to look at So’s favorite game of Tal’s. See the video here

How do I get my Daughter to Love Chess?

Practical Strategies for Closing the Gender Gap in Chess To understand the benefits of playing chess, think of chess as a mental gym. When you play chess, you engage your brain in critical and demanding ways. Your brain is constantly developing to adapt to this more mentally intense environnment. Thus when you repeatedly play chess […]

Tiny Feet Take Big Steps in Chess

The Chess at 3 kids got to use the facilities where professionals usually play. Image credit: Goddard School. This article originally ran in the On Chess column on the St. Louis Public Radio website. On Saturday, Jan. 23, a chess tournament was hosted in the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis. No grandmasters […]

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