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2016 WCC, Game 10: The Beautiful Struggle

How did Carlsen and Karjakin get here? Trying to predict how Carlsen will handle this must-win situation is difficult because he’s never been in this situation before. Carlsen never trailed in either World Championship Match with Anand, and this is Karjakin’s first World Championship match, so it’s difficult to say how the pressure, and high […]

2016 WCC, Game 9: Karjakin Stays Aggressive!

Will Carlsen’s strategy change? During Game 8, GM Fabiano Caruana described Carlsen’s opening strategy: “It’s a bit tame, he probably just wants to get a position where he feels he can outplay him (Karjakin). I mean he’s not really better, but he has chances for some pressure.” I believe, to end up in positions where […]

2016 WCC, Game 8: Time Trouble Causes Chaos

With five games remaining in regulation, I wanted to posit two areas in which Karjakin may have an advantage over Carlsen. The somewhat lax match schedule Before the match began, the general consensus was that Carlsen is the better chess player.. The match started with Carlsen’s Elo at 2853, and Karjakin’s at 2772. If Carlsen […]

2016 WCC, Game 7: Karjakin Puts d4 to Work

A Quick Rant Before we Begin Before the second half of the 2016 World Chess Championship begins, I feel the need to rant. Here’s a conversation I’ve had at least 10 times over the past week. Random GM: “I’m really excited for Karjakin to have the white pieces 2 games in a row, I think […]

2016 WCC, Game 6: Magnus Tries the Marshall Gambit

Would Magnus’ Frustration Induce Aggressive Play? This match has not been going as planned for Magnus Carlsen. The strategies he used to win his title from Anand simply aren’t working against Karjakin. Carlsen circumvented Anand’s notoriously brilliant opening preparation with simple openings that produced equality. From an equal position Carlsen was able to use his […]

2016 WCC, Game 5: Carlsen is Losing Patience

An Endurance Clinic Games 3 and 4 lasted a combined 172 moves adding up to around 13 hours of mental torture. You have to love the effort of both players. Look at Carlsen in Game 4 wandering all over the board with his king trying to find anyway to break into Karjakin’s fortress. And Karjakin […]

2016 WCC, Game 4: 2 Marathons in 2 Days

Game 3 was an epic marathon that lasted almost 7 hours. We posted this in our Game 3 article, but in case you missed it here is Carlsen and Karjakin after yesterday’s game. Carlsen and Karjakin have spent their lives flying around the world, playing in every time zone, and with little sleep. They have […]

2016 WCC, Game 1: Carlsen Plays the Tromp?

November has already seen two underdogs become champions. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series and Donald Trump is the President Elect. Will Sergey Karjakin defeat World Champion Magnus Carlsen? The odds are against Karjakin but so far in November odds haven’t mattered. Game 1 of the World Chess Championship began on November 11th in […]