• Tyler Schwartz

    Tyler’s curriculum creates magical worlds where children can learn complex subjects younger than ever before.

  • Over 10,000 Children a Week

    Tyler’s Curriculum is featured in: The Goddard Schools, Bright Horizons, Pre-School of America, Learning Care Group, The Washington Market School, The Geneva School, International Pre-Schools, New York Kids Clubs, New York Pre-Schools, and San Antonio Public Schools.

    Featured on: NBC, CBS, ABC, Euro News, and NPR

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  • Chess at 3

    For the past 10 years Tyler has been building Chess at 3. His unique method started with a couple of students in NYC. Now over 14,000 3-5 year olds learn chess every week with the Chess at 3 Curriculum.

  • lichess.org Advisory Board

    Lichess.org is the 2nd biggest Chess site on the internet, where more than 500,000 games of chess are played every day. Tyler advises the site on: new features, business decisions, and curriculum development. As well as streaming chess with 2016 Sinquefield Cup Winner, and Top 10 Chess Super-Grandmaster, Wesley So.

  • Great Stories Create Wonder

    This story telling method of education has been used to teach children about: Chess, Emotional Control, Finance, Christianity, Poker and many more.

  • Get Your Whole School Loving Chess

    1-Hour Skye Trainings or In Person Seminars, to teach your teachers how to teach chess

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