• Tyler Schwartz

    Tyler is a passionate chess ambassador. He is the President of Chess at 3, a World Chess Commentator, and the Head of Media for lichess.org. Tyler also manages a Chess Club on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

  • Over 10,000 Children a Week

    Tyler’s Curriculum is featured in: The Goddard Schools, Bright Horizons, Pre-School of America, Learning Care Group, The Washington Market School, The Geneva School, International Pre-Schools, New York Kids Clubs, New York Pre-Schools, and San Antonio Public Schools.

    Featured on: NBC, CBS, ABC, Euro News, and NPR

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  • Chess at 3

    For the past 10 years Tyler has been building Chess at 3. His unique method started with a couple of students in NYC. Now over 14,000 3-5 year olds learn chess every week with the Chess at 3 Curriculum.

  • Lichess.org Head of Media, Advisory Board

    Lichess.org is the 2nd biggest Chess site on the internet, where more than 500,000 games of chess are played every day. Tyler is the Head Reporter. He also advises the site on: new features, business decisions, and curriculum development. As well as streaming chess with 2016 Sinquefield Cup Winner, and Top 10 Chess Super-Grandmaster, Wesley So.

  • Great Stories Create Wonder

    This story telling method of education has been used to teach children about: Chess, Emotional Control, Finance, Christianity, Poker and many more.

  • Get Your Whole School Loving Chess

    1-Hour Skye Trainings or In Person Seminars, to teach your teachers how to teach chess

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